Volume 27(2) Summer 2018

The SRATE Journal 27(2) Summer 2018 Edition had a 39% acceptance rate.


Using Teaching Videos to Integrate the Danielson Framework for Teaching into Secondary Certification Programs
Renee Campoy and Yuejin Xu: Abstract - Article

Posing Purposeful Questions through Making Sense of Mathematical Tasks
Kristopher J. Childs and Vernita Glenn-White: Abstract - Article

Teacher Educators' Initial Impressions of the edTPA: A "Love-Hate" Relationship
Kathryn Davis and Abbigail Armstrong: Abstract - Article

Special Education Teacher Candidates’ Use of Evidence-based Practices and Their Impact on Student Learning
Kelly A. Heckaman, James M. Ernest, and Anthony J. Sheffler: Abstract - Article

Trust, Collaboration and Well-Being: Lessons Learned from Finland
Katie Kelly, Joseph Merry, and Madeline Gonzalez: Abstract - Article

Fences and Families: A University Project Providing Rural Field Experiences for Pre-service Teachers
Phillip D. Payne, Vicki Sherbert, Todd Goodson and Lori A. Goodson: Abstract - Article

How Will They Know You Care? Advice for Preservice Teachers Based on Children’s Perceptions of Caring and Respect
Jamia M. Thomas-Richmond and M. Caroline O’Quinn: Abstract - Article

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