Volume 28(1) Winter 2019

The SRATE Journal 28(1) Winter 2019 Edition had a 39% acceptance rate.


The Development of Mentoring Partnerships: How a Shared Learning Experience Enhanced the Final Internship
Rachelle Curcio and Alyson Adams: Abstract - Article

How TeachLivE™ Transformed Our Teaching Practices in Reading Education and Pre-service
Michelle J. Kelley and Taylar Wenzel: Abstract - Article

Developing Mentor Teachers to Support Student Teacher Candidates
Inger Evette McGee: Abstract - Article

Original Children’s Literature Expressed as Digital Story within a Clinical Model
Andrea Paganelli and Melissa Wrenn: Abstract - Article

Impact of an English Language Learner Course on Preservice Teachers
Elke Schneider: Abstract - Article

Enhance and Extend Preservice Special Educators’ Learning with Curricular Content Knowledge
Laurie A. Sharp, Michelle Simmons, Frank Goode and Lawrence Scott: Abstract - Article

Twitter: A Tool for Communities of Practice
Mandy Johnson, Christie Bledsoe, Jodi Pilgrim, and Hollis Lowery-Moore: Abstract - Article

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